Westchester Postpartum Group

Empowering Mothers to Overcome Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and OCD

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Inform, Connect, and Heal

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1 in 7 mothers suffer from a perinatal mood disorder. Most women are unaware of their risk factors before, during, and after pregnancy.  When foreign and invasive thoughts affect a new mother, most retreat into isolation out of fear and shame. There is treatment and support for depression, anxiety, OCD, and trauma related to childbirth.

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Research has proven that social support is a major buffer of Postpartum Depression. Women do not have to face these challenges alone. The Westchester Postpartum Group offers moms and moms-to-be a safe place to meet other women with similar mental health and parenting challenges. Group members have access to the latest information and professional resources for getting help, and a network of peers to provide guidance and support through a difficult time.

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Perinatal Mood Disorders are treatable. All women can overcome depression, anxiety, and trauma from childbirth. New mothers deserve the information and resources they need to heal, and an opportunity to reach their potential as a caregiver. Through the healing process with Westchester PPD, women are exposed to a number of opportunities that develop and strengthen mother-and -child bonding, and solidify a social support network that is mutually beneficial to moms and their children.


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Today the Westchester PPD Group is the only peer support program in Westchester county. Collectively, we serve over 40 moms and their families through monthly support group meetings, family social events and outings, targeted educational and social gatherings. A larger network of close to 200 women have access to professional referrals including psychiatrists, psychologists, doulas, and other specialists who provide tailored therapy and medical treatment to women to women with a perinatal mood disorder diagnosis.



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